When A Teacher Becomes A Student...Then Becomes A Teacher Again by Robin Fecso

If you were to have told me that I would be teaching a drawing class a year after I started up my artwork again, I would have thought you were crazy.


Teaching graphic design at a community college was one thing, but teaching something that has always been just a passion for me and to have to show my drawing to a class full of people?! That’s some nerve-racking stuff right there! In February, I had taken a drawing course, where I exchanged my teaching cred for the bright eyed-bushy tailed student and realized I had a lot to learn in some areas. I thought, then, that this art thing will be a long, bumpy road to travel on…but that didn’t stop me. With my chin up, I worked really hard on drawing every day, just like my drawing professor had advised me to do.


In July, I was suddenly under the spell of a possession jutzu. I walked right into a local literature and pop-culture company called the Storybook Cottage to ask if they were ever thinking of expanding their amazing writing and geeky fun events to include the drawing and illustration realm. The receptionist gave me the owner’s card and told me to send some ideas along. I remembered going home and just staring at the business card. Should I even bother? Would they just turn me down? I sent the email with my ideas and my art samples, anyways…and held my breath.

One hour later the owner responds, “Let’s chat further about this.” We met and she loved the ideas I had come up with. I was asked to come in and be a guest speaker for a kids book publishing camp. The kids in the camp were great and so creative with their book ideas. The teacher was back! :)


Today, is the day. The graphic design professor that became the art pupil is now the art teacher. I’ll be showing the kids some drawing tips and techniques for cartooning. Below, are some other classes I’ll be teaching in the Fall.

Learn to Draw Cartoons Friday September 20/ 4:30-6:30 pm

How To Design An Eye Catching Book Cover (Adults) Friday September 27/ 7:00-9:00 pm

Tim Burton Macabre Drawing Friday October 18/ 5:30-7:30 pm

Ghoulish Drawing By Candlelight Friday October 18/ 8:00-9:30 pm

Fantasy Drawing I (Wizards & Castles) Friday November 15/ 5:30-7:30 pm

Fantasy Drawing II (Fairies & Dragons) Friday December 13/ 5:30-7:30 pm


Naruto hopes to see you there!

For My Brother's Birthday I Made Him An Unfinished Megazord by Robin Fecso

I took some time off this summer. It was nice to get away from time to time and go on some family adventures, but now the summer has ended. It’s back to morning school prep madness of reciting simple chores and “did you remembers” along with daily bento box wrestling matches. The phone has been ringing more frequent with current client projects and new clients that have been requesting my artwork. It is all very exciting, but something is amiss…

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. This year, it had snuck up on me. Back in May I was starting to draw a piece for Ryan. I knew how much he loved the Power Rangers, when he was younger, and thought of creating a Megazord art piece for his birthday, in September. I had plenty of time. I then got busy and put my borther’s birthday gift on the shelf. The funny thing about shelves is that you tend to forget things being placed on them.



This is what I have for him, an unfinished Megazord. I know he would be fine with it. I know he would just smile and say it looks great…but I’m not fine with it. I’m not OK with giving him an unfinished art piece. To me this symbolizes something. I have a lot of unfinished work to do. I need to refocus a little bit more on myself and my feelings. I think that is what Ryan is trying to tell me.


I also recently drew my brother, again. It has been a year since I had done the last drawing of him. This time, I drew him older or at least he appeared older to me. Ryan was happy in the reference that I drew of him. The reference was of a family shot during my wedding day. I need to revisit him more this way. I think that this is another thing Ryan is pointing out to me. He wants me to stop being sad and just draw his happiness.


Thank you Ryan, I love you <3